There are many ways to do something Big.

The number of children in Sheboygan County living in circumstances where their housing may not be stable, they might not have enough food to eat each day or they are neglected, abused or bullied is estimated around 4,000. There are many ways your generosity can help clear the path to a child’s biggest possible potential.

Here is just a glimpse of what your generosity allows us to achieve.

  • $1,000 means one "Big and Little” are screened, matched and supported for one year.  

  • $2,500 means potentially hundreds of new Bigs could be inspired through a simple recruitment campaign.

  • $5,000 means five “Bigs and Littles” are screened, matched and supported for one year.

Stand with us today - We can change the world.

Other ways to do more

If you are interested in supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters in a way not noted here, please contact us for more information.