It starts with a Little.

Mentors, or Bigs as we call them, are not saviors. Or heroes. They are regular people like you who invest a little time into kids in Sheboygan County to help them ignite and harness their own potential—potential they’ve had all along.


A Few Hours A Month Can Change a Child’s Life

We believe that every child has the potential to do something great. A caring adult can empower a child to achieve their brightest future possible. And it’s not just a one-way street. Mentoring can make a difference in your life, too, even bringing you a lifelong friend.

Apply to become a Big today. We have more than 40 kids on our waiting list and data confirms there are over 4,000 kids in our County who need a caring adult to stand in their corner. Our professional staff will support you from the day you apply until the day your Little graduates from high school.


Apply now to become a Big.


A Big Impact


Just being there for your Little tells them they matter—that there’s someone there to help during day-to-day challenges. Time spent together doing “normal” things in your world can open your Little’s eyes to a whole new view of what their brightest future possible can look like. Bigs aren’t perfect, they’re just present.


After 12 months, most Littles show improvement in the following:


Application Process

Community-Based Mentoring

Littles might consider their Bigs to be their heroes. But Bigs are just regular people who invest a little time in meaningful interactions with kids to help them harness the potential they’ve had all along. Sharing a few hours several times a month doing activities you both enjoy can be transformational for both of you. Mentoring can be as easy as cooking, playing or watching a sport together, playing games, doing chores or just hanging out to talk.


School-Based Mentoring

School-based Bigs, or Lunch Buddies, meet weekly with a Little during the lunch hour in elementary and middle schools throughout the county. Most spend time eating, talking, playing games or heading outside for some fresh air and a walk. Being a good influence, a good listener and a good friend is just that simple. Lunch Buddies don’t meet during summer vacation.


Apply now to become a Big.